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Christmas Gift Experience With a Twist

Whether you’re already donning your Christmas jumper and singing around a tree, practicing your best ‘bah-humbug’, or pretending to be completely oblivious to it all, there is no escaping that Christmas is fast approaching! And after the events this year has bought us, for many it’s a welcome distraction from everything going on in the world. 

You’re probably rolling your eyes at the mention of the ‘C’ word, but it’s the perfect time to start thinking about those awkward people in your life. You know the ones, like the friend that already has everything and you just can’t find the perfect gift for her, or the boss that has probably been given every variety of hamper in the UK throughout their career.  

Before we launch into Christmas gift ideas to make your life easier, let’s look at the history of gift giving. No, not a boring lesson where you zone out after the first mention of history, think of it more as inspiration for the upcoming holidays.

The History of Gift Givings

You might think that the history of giving gifts, particularly at Christmas, comes from the three wise men. Although the tradition is closely connected to that, it is not actually the earliest record of gift-giving. If you look at our nearest relatives, male chimpanzees give food to females as presents.

Moving on to early humans, it is known that the more generously a man gave food, the easier it would be for him to attract a partner (for all the men reading this, take note!).

So whilst we’re on the subject of food, if you’re stuck on ideas for the ultimate Christmas gift experience for your partner, friends, family, your boss, or even if you deserve a treat (who doesn’t!), then Rare-Box is your answer.

Each box is themed - so for gifts for him, you might look at the Carnivore box or the Whisky box. A gift for her could be the Chocoholic box or Wine box. That’s not to say that the boxes for men are just for men, we know plenty of women who love a good sausage (no pun intended there, we see you sniggering!). Equally there are plenty of men that would spend an evening sipping an excellent wine.  

These aren’t just your traditional Christmas hampers either, Rare-Box instead offers a unique way to actually get into the tasty treats inside. Easy online ordering, we offer a gift delivery service direct to the receiver with a personalised message.  

It Would Make You Feel Good Giving

Take a lesson from the chimps and our ancestors and give generously. Don’t settle on a standard gift card because it’s easy, pick a Rare-Box instead. It will make you feel good giving, it’s almost guaranteed to make the receiver smile, and it’s the perfect Christmas gift for those that love luxury food and drink. 


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