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With over 10,000 entries each year, and judged by the most demanding palates, the Great Taste Awards and Great British Food Awards are well-recognised accolades.

But what are they, and why do they matter?

The Great Taste Awards were created by the Guild of Fine Food. In 1994 the first judging took place, with less than a hundred entries in five different classes. Since then, the award has grown in reputation, becoming one of the most respected food accreditation schemes and benchmark for speciality food producers. The Guild of Fine Food examined 12,634 products from all corners of the world in 2020, and just over a third of these received a Great Taste award. 

The Great British Food Awards was born to celebrate the country’s finest produce and retailers.

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The UK has an incredible food and drink industry, and in 2014, the Great British Food Awards was born to celebrate the country’s finest produce and retailers. Six years later, the award boasts a variety of categories, ranging from Condiments, Charcuterie and Classic Gin, to Best Startup, Best New Product and Best British Speciality. 

Why should you care about whether a product has either of these awards?

Both the Great Taste Awards and the Great British Food Awards are judged by food critics, chefs, cooks, producers, journalists and food influencers with the highest of standards. The awards are given to products that not only taste unbelievable, but are created with love and care. With such a huge variety of food products on the market, experiencing the ‘wow-factor’ rarely happens – but we can (almost!) guarantee you’ll get that by selecting one of the Great Taste or Great British Food Award winners. 
At Rare-Box, we pride ourselves in having a diverse range of award-winning products, chosen carefully to complement each box. We don’t just rely on the logo though, we put each product through its paces with our most trusted judges – friends and family! If they want to recommend it to everyone they meet, then we know we’re onto a winner that our customers will love. 

Some of our favourite Great Taste items we’ve picked include: 

  • Sparkling Raspberry Jam from Cottage Delight - perfect for spreading on fresh bread for an indulgent treat. ( Vegan Box, Wine Box )
  • Orange & Scotch Whisky Thick Cut Marmalade from Cottage Delight – zingy and warming, ideal for using as a glaze. ( Whisky Box )
  • Peruvian Amarillo Chili Sauce from Firefly Ho – we love using this as a dip, but just as tasty used in coleslaw and alongside salmon. (Chilli Box, Made For BBQ Box)
If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, then have a look at Rare-Box. The boxes need a little effort to open (we don’t like to be boring!), but the reward will be well worth it when they see the delights it holds.
They’ll be so grateful for their gift, they may even share some with you! 

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