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Salty and Sweet Popcorn

Snacks to complete your movie night

Healthy snacks to buy: salty and sweet popcorn

Bass rumbles through our living room, feet are comfortably raised onto a footstool, lights are dimmed and curtains drawn.

As the movie starts, my hand instinctively drops to my lap, fingers pinching together as they search for... something. But there’s nothing there! A panicked moment later, and I realized: we forgot the popcorn!

An easy fix, I think.

But now our romantic comedy evening has become a horror movie, when we realize that the shops are closed, our popcorn well has run dry, and blame starts flying thick and fast.

Thinking on my feet, I remember that my most recent Rare-Box delivery (chilli!) had included some saved-for-later-and-temptingly-named “Ass Kickin’ Sriracha Popcorn” - a mad dash to the pantry and all was saved. This time….

A pantry without popcorn is hardly a pantry at all

Rare-Box has included a lot of different popcorns in its boxes, for a few very simple reasons:

  1. Popcorn is delicious.
  2. There is a fantastic selection of Great Taste Award Winners that travel well and can spend a good amount of time in a pantry without losing their crunch.
  3. Have you seen a more versatile snack!? And don’t come at me with this ‘cheese & onion crisp’ nonsense. Popcorn can be flavoured with anything! And because our Rare-Boxes run the gamut from sweet to salty, spicy to calming, and are inspired by a world of flavours, we need something that can be equally flexible.
  4. See number 1.

Do you like your popcorn salty and sweet, or sweet and salty?

Needless to say, our pantry is no longer in danger of running out of popcorn - thanks to the following unbelievable gems:

A night in a whiskey barrel left us with Caramel Macchiato popcorn.

Caramel Macchiato Popcorn

Caramel Macchiato popcorn in a gift box

Caramel macchiato! It’s complex,
it’s slightly naughty, and it definitely
did not last the entirety of our film.

A captivating blend of caramel blended
with real Colombian coffee - you can
almost feel the candy on your tongue - while underneath the hint of real whiskey runs tantalizingly through the mixture.

Unfortunately the chocolate fiends that live inside of us and are in constant danger of being unleashed were awoken by the caramel blend, and we needed MORE.
Have a look at our Whisky Rare-Box.

Mix Chocolate Popcorn Bites

Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites gift in a box

Luckily, the Chocoholic Rare-Box holds the key to our chocolate heart, and nestled safely in its crate was the most satisfyingly Light Chocolate Popcorn bites we’ve ever tried!
Air-popped and
then coated in a salted caramel sauce and theeeeen placed into a milk chocolate cup… it really ticked our sweet, salty, and crunchy boxes.

Because real chocolatiers have whipped up this decadent - yet not! - treat, get ready to be totally wowed.
Have a look at our Chocolate Rare-Box.

Gin and Tonic Gourmet Popcorn

Following in a similar vein, but perfect for
this summer weather, is the Gin and

Gin And Tonic Popcorn gift in a box
Tonic Popcorn rescued from our Gin Rare-Box!

Never would I have thought to call a popcorn ‘refreshing’, but then again, never had I tasted something so unusually crisp and citrusy in a popcorn casing!

With real gin, real tonic, a real juniper flavour, and some soft caramel coating, this is a true summertime treat.

And hey, it’s not just gin that gets the 5-star popcorn treatment.
Have a look at our Gin Rare-Box.

Piña colada Popcorn

Piña colada Popcorn in a gift box

For those of you who like piña coladas (and are ambivalent about getting caught in the rain), then YES there’s a popcorn for that.

And believe it or not, it’s the pineapple and coconut brain child of Michel and Alain Roux - who have thoughtfully and artfully combined the exotic fruit flavours with that of a golden rum
that will immediately transport you to the tropic isles.

Apple and Cinnamon Popcorn

Vegan Popcorn With Apple And Cinnamon gift in a box

The final entry on our sweet hit-list is the inimitable apple and cinnamon popcorn. It’s not just delicious, with smooth caramel and a hint of spicy cinnamon, but it’s certified vegan, to make it easy to appease everyone.
Have a look at our Vegan Rare-Box.



For those who like their popcorn a little more savoury

All of those varieties in our house is a good start, but we’ve decided to double down on our popcorn provisions, for the simple reason that we got quite nervous after our close call. We really need to cover all our bases!

Ass Kickin’ Sriracha Popcorn

Ass Kickin’ Sriracha Popcorn gift in a boxWe’re not always in the mood for caramel, which is why we also indulge

- as previously mentioned - in our Ass Kickin’ Sriracha Popcorn. It’s spicy, it’s crunchy, it’s easy to make (hello, microwave!), and with just the right amount of heat it makes us take it a bit slower,
so we can make it through more of our TV binge sessions.
Have a look at our Chilli Rare-Box.


Mature Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Mature cheddar cheese popcorn in a gift box

Another slow-and-steady popcorn flavour that has become a staple for us is the always satisfying Mature Cheddar Cheese popcorn - it goes down fabulously at our BBQs, or even just while we’re enjoying an afternoon beer on our patio.

Because it’s a creamy mature cheddar, it also has that nip that we expect when we snack on our favourite English cheeseshop golden oldie. It’s comforting and familiar, and calms the cheese-beast that is always lurking inside of us.
Have a look at our Wine Rare-Box.

We could go on, but suffice it to say that with Rare-Box helpfully including a rainbow of popcorn flavours in their arsenal of crates, our movie nights are no longer in danger of any more snack-based arguments.

Though just in case, I’ll stash some more of those Ass Kickin’ Sriracha popcorn bags somewhere safe…

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