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Un-box Unique Holiday Memories


a woman giving a surprise christmas gift to a man

A bell tolls from a church tower, and empty streets throughout the village echo the sound. Wait... empty streets? But it’s the holidays! Where are the holly jolly parties? The garland-strewn strollers? The merry many? 

Yes: it’s been a very strange year, and it appears to be ending with a whimper, not a bang. But let’s not lose heart - follow the toll of that ringing bell, along a seemingly empty street, up to a cozy-looking window, and have a little peek inside.

three girls doing a toast on a videocall for Christmas

What do we see? We see people, laughing together, passing gifts, emptying stockings, unwrapping sweets. Sweaters, cocoa, and in a very 2020 twist, we see smaller people, heads and shoulders only, through the lights of their screens, managing to join in.

Because we love to be together to share in the magic of this special season. We are social critters, and when you decide to give someone the gift of a Rare-Box gift box, you will want to watch the whole process unfold. And if you can’t be there in person? Well, a video-call will do in a pinch. 

A gift service bested only by Father Christmas

You see, we learned a long time ago that Christmas, the holiday season, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any gift-giving opportunity is a way to show people that you appreciate them, and that you care. We also learned long ago that giving an amazing gift is far more satisfying than receiving one.

Which is how Rare-Box came to be: we wanted to deliver an experience that the giver will love to give just as much as the receiver will love to open! Now the best holiday gift-giving experience is easier than ever, with our online store and free UK delivery.

So when this joyous season comes around every year, well, we go a little bit loopy. We know that our selection of alcohol gift boxes go down a treat! We also know that people come to us when they are looking for the perfect way to send a themed snack box. All the giving and receiving, smiling and laughing, general merry-making, really, goes straight to our heads!

To give is to receive

We here at Rare-Box know how important our job is: we don’t just provide fabulous, one-of-a-kind gift experiences. We can also inspire you to find the perfect present, suggest the ideal presentation style, and most importantly, we help you - we deliver for free in the UK.

We like to think of our warehouse as our own little Santa’s Workshop. We are the only stop you need to make if you are looking for a way to send a gift of food, a treasure trove of treats…. a perfect present!

Make this unique year extra special

This year has been a challenge. And the holidays may feel a little strange, maybe even a little quiet. So let’s make them extra special, extra unique, extra personal.

As an additional gift from us, take advantage of our free UK delivery! Use our easy-to-navigate webpage to browse and select from our wide variety of beautifully curated gift boxes, and be the happy ending to the year that everyone on your list needs.

So go on, be the change you want to see in the world! Be the gift you want to send to the world! Come visit us for the perfect way to send a smile.

A Rare-Box Christmas: un-box unique holiday memories

~ The lights on the Christmas tree glow red and green, softly illuminating the face of a man sitting in an armchair. Wrapping paper litters the floor as his two children squeal and giggle, opening their gifts.

The man smiles, and looks somewhat wistfully at his own gift, still unwrapped. It’s a medium-sized box, shaped just like a mystery, and his wife is looking at him with a knowing smile. “Go ahead,” she encourages him.

The man, remembering last year’s box of socks, smiles gamely at her, and gets to work unwrapping the gift. His work immediately takes on speed as he sees the box is, in fact, a wooden crate. He rips the paper off, mess be darned!

He stops briefly for a fortifying gulp of eggnog before diving back in. He will need all his manly strength to prise open this box, and in his intense concentration doesn’t realize his wife is watching him, smiling ear to ear.

Later that afternoon, the children take their sugarplum naps while the man sits alone, grinning, in his man cave. The open crate sits at his feet, and his lap is filled with packages of luxury snacks. He sighs, contentedly.

His wife, upstairs, recalls buying the gift online - in her pajamas - with such ease. She remembers the delivery to the house, and she revels in her husband’s joy and excitement.

She sighs, perhaps even more contentedly than him.


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