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Why Are People Going Vegan in 2021?

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Our trousers remain unbuttoned. Our shirts continue to hug us a little too tightly. Our scarves camouflage our soft jawlines. Even our shoes - those traitors - look at us accusingly, tongues out in mockery.
*RIIIIIIIING* This is your yearly reminder that you have no holiday self-control *CLICK*

Er… yes, thank you. I suppose it must be early January then.

Perhaps you over-buttered your dinner roll. Maybe you ate so much roast you suspect you might now be, by weight, more turkey than human. Or possibly you swam breast strokes around an olympic-sized pool of eggnog. We have ticked all of these boxes, and more.

Whatever your holiday overindulgence, if the thought of more festive food makes you break out into sweats, some plant-based alternatives are probably sounding mighty appealing.
Our Vegan Rare-Box is the right fit, for when everything else fits a little tight.

Change is your friend

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Common wisdom says that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Change can be a little overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to even start!

This is why Rare-Box is so excited to remind you of our Vegan Box: a little helping hand, for anyone looking to make a little change, for a short while. All of our Boxes are themed, and this one in particular is the perfect accompaniment for … drumroll, please…. Veganuary*!

Wait - Veganu-what? Vegan + January = Veganuary! It’s a month-long foray into the world of vegan cooking, snacking and living. You can try it on, you can test it out, you can take it for a spin and see how you feel behind the wheel.

And it’s no coincidence that Veganuary comes right after the holiday season, when we resolve, we aspire, and we are motivated. We are ready to experiment!

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Things to think about

Here are some compelling reasons that some people have for going vegan:

1st A vegan diet is said to have the lowest carbon footprint of all the diets!

Compared to pescatarian (fish lovers) and carnivores (you know who you are) vegan nibbles have about half of the carbon emissions per kCal of food.

2nd The health benefits of eating vegan are numerous!

Lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, higher coconut levels, the list goes on!

3rd Your closet will breathe a sigh of relief

You can give your buttons and zippers a break this month: many people who eat vegan diets lose weight. So if you’re hoping to lighten the load in your sneakers and try veganism on for size, the most important point to remember during Veganuary is:

4th It’s so easy!

You don’t need to make a forever commitment to being vegan. You don’t even need to be a vegetarian to give it a shot.

  • Maybe you’ve made a new year’s resolution to eat healthier.
  • Maybe you’re a red-blooded carnivore who’s vegan curious.
  • Or maybe you’re that easy-going wonder of wonders: a flexitarian.

Whatever their current culinary quirk, lots of people are dipping their toes into the vegan pool.

So go on, you’ve got nothing to lose! You might even discover a delicious new recipe on your journey. Let us know via Facebook or Instagram how you’re getting on, whether you’ve made any fun discoveries, and of course, if you’ve opted to use the Vegan Box to help you on your way.

Until next time, happy travels - even if it’s only to new sections of the grocery store, we’ll take what we can get right now!

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