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Post a snack box to your gift list!

These gifts are all about the crunch. No need for alcohol to wash these tidbits down, these thoughtful and selectively chosen foods and delicacies complement each other perfectly. The recipient of this Rare-Box will be the luckiest snacker you know.

Carnivore Box - Rare-Box

From £55

Warning: Although this box does not contain actual carnivores, shortly after this Rare-Box is cracked open they will arrive. You’d better share!

Chilli Box - Rare-Box

From £55

Know someone who prefers their spice level ‘scorching’? These tongue-melting snacks may look safe enough, but once these package are opened, it’s snacker beware...

Chocoholic Box - Rare-Box

From £59

Aside from the obvious flaw of not being constructed of chocolate, this delectable box gets a perfect score from all the chocoholics we know!

Coffee Box - Rare-Box

From £65

Wake up and smell the delicious and life-affirming aroma of a coffee-filled Rare-Box just waiting to be delivered to your door.

Fit Mad Box - Rare-Box

From £53

Whether received by a disciplined gym rat or a dedicated channel surfer, these healthy and high protein nibbles are sure to please. Just be sure to stretch.

Made for BBQ Box - Rare-Box

From £49

Those sausages won’t turn themselves, and we’ve never seen a self-flipping burger. Do a good deed for the BBQ devotee in your life with this box of meat-enhancing sauces and snacks.

Tea Box - Rare-Box

From £55

Who doesn’t love a good warming cuppa? With milk, with lemon, with good conversation or a lingering gaze out the window, this tea box will keep your afternoon tradition a break really worth having.

Vegan Box - Rare-Box

From £55

No animal products, no problem! This tasty box of creative and cruelty-free delicacies will delight your most conscientious friends.

What makes a snack box a gift? When you send a snack box, you are showing appreciation - and a gift like Rare-Box won’t be ignored or given away. Everyone will appreciate its contents, because it’s stuffed full of delicious, hard-to-find gourmet snacks.

What should a great gift box contain? A themed box that the receiver loves (check!), an alcoholic beverage or alcohol-free alternative (check!), a variety of items: some savoury, some sweet (check and check!). You can even ramp up the difficulty by tightly sealing the box. Your Rare-Box also comes with a crowbar and a hacksaw in case they need help.

Is a snack box a good birthday gift idea? It is a GREAT idea, especially when the snack box is full of what the receiver likes. It’s a present you can send instead of flowers or cake.