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Unique gifts for her

Women like to feel heard and seen, and they like to know that you think about them. What better way to prove to them that you had them in mind than a themed box that suits just their tastes?

Surprise them with a clever gift that lets them know that they’re special, and that you see it.

Baileys Box_Rare-Box_baileys_lovers

From £71

We can’t imagine a more indulgent drink than a creamy, boozy, chilled serving of this delicious liqueur swirling in our rocking glass. What’s that? You don’t have a rocking glass? Or Baileys?! This box is not a luxury: it’s a necessity!

Champagne Box - Rare-Box

From £122

Rattle, Click, Creak…POP! These are the sounds you hear when this Rare-Box makes its debut. The celebration is inside, all you need to do is free it!

Chocoholic Box - Rare-Box

From £59

Aside from the obvious flaw of not being constructed of chocolate, this delectable box gets a perfect score from all the chocoholics we know!

Coffee Box - Rare-Box

From £65

Wake up and smell the delicious and life-affirming aroma of a coffee-filled Rare-Box just waiting to be delivered to your door.

Fit Mad Box - Rare-Box

Whether received by a disciplined gym rat or a dedicated channel surfer, these healthy and high protein nibbles are sure to please. Just be sure to stretch.

Gin Box - Rare-Box

From £109

If loving gin is wrong, we don’t want to be right. And being wrong never tasted so good as with this treasure trove of gins, tonics and the perfect accompanying crunches.

Prosecco Box - Rare-Box

From £72

Bring out the Italian in you, toast to la dolce vita with this scrumptious selection of Prosecco and accompanying nibbles.

Relax Box - Rare-Box

From £65

We all have that special someone in our life who deserves to be treated and pampered. This Relax Rare-Box is packed with beautifully-scented bathroom candles, a soft face towel, chocolates and a cheeky bottle of their favourite tipple.

Tea Box - Rare-Box

Who doesn’t love a good warming cuppa? With milk, with lemon, with good conversation or a lingering gaze out the window, this tea box will keep your afternoon tradition a break really worth having.

Vegan Box - Rare-Box

From £55

No animal products, no problem! This tasty box of creative and cruelty-free delicacies will delight your most conscientious friends.

Wedding Box - Rare-Box

From £127

What do you get the couple that has everything? A ‘his & hers’ matching crowbar set, of course! The Champagne and chocolates that come with it are a nice touch as well.

Wine Box - Rare-Box

From £69

While we didn’t turn water into wine to fill this box, we didn’t need to! The perfect wine was ready and waiting, all we needed to do was hand-select the best accompaniments for it.

Why is Rare-Box a unique gift for her? Rare-Box is a memorable gift for her. You are giving not only a gift but an experience in itself. Award-winning products are waiting for her inside the box. You can choose from a wide range of themed boxes to fit any preference. 

What do you buy for a picky partner? ‘Wow’ a picky partner with a Rare-Box, of course! It has never been so easy to charm a choosy person. 

What do you buy her when she already has everything? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a birthday gift for your wife, mother, or friend. We’ve saved you from this annual dilemma. Our wide range of themed boxes fit any taste - we are confident that her perfect present is waiting for her here at Rare-Box.