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What is included in the box?

1x Handmade Gift Box From Rare-Box 

1x Blue Rare-Box Crowbar For The Groom 

1x Pink Rare-Box Crowbar For The Bride 

1x Personalised Message

1x Moët & Chandon Rosé NV Champagne 0.75l

2x Pictures of Newlyweds on the Box

10x Red Hearts Stamps on the Box

1x Monty Bojangles Taste Adventure 135g

1x Marriage Survival Kit

Product descriptions

1x Moët & Chandon Rosé NV Champagne 12% 0.75l

This iconic celebration Champagne is a zesty rosé with notes of wild strawberry. Every sip is a gift itself, evoking though of picnics and young love.

1x Monty Bojangles Taste adventure 135g

Great Taste Food Award-winning intensely chocolatey choccy scoffy, toasted hazelnut scrumple nutty, and salted butterscotch flutter Scotch, popping candy with raspberry berry bubbly. What else to wish for... not for sharing!

1x Marriage Survival Kit 

This kit is a very unique present within a present. It contains a small paper box that includes Crayon - to colour your future bright, eraser - as everyone makes mistakes, small glitter bottle - because your love will always shine, little wooden heart to represent the love you share, little joke - you will live longer if you laugh together, marble - to remember the ones you lose, small nail file - to smooth things over and heart shape paper clip - to stay together.

Nutritional Values

  • Don’t forget: the high calibre of these products means that to enjoy even a little at a time is to truly appreciate quality over quantity. No need to over-indulge, sticking within the recommended daily unit intake (3-4 for men and 2-3 for women) is more than enough to treat your palate while luxuriating in the quality. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. For more information visit

  • You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, and you can’t break into a luxury snacks box without making a few splinters. See our Terms of Use Policy for more information, but the TL/DR is: mind the splinters when liberating your prize!

The couple that has everything will still need this wedding gift box.


Here comes the bride… is she carrying a crowbar?!

Weddings are joyous, food-filled affairs, with toasts and tears...and maybe some bad dancing. Don’t let the party end for the happy couple: make sure they have a few more surprises when they get home. Complete with ‘his & hers’ crowbars, the ultimate celebratory gift awaits them! A beautiful bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Champagne, and the most decadent chocolates, all cozied inside a commemorative heart-stamped hand-made wooden crate.


Love and Marriage…


…and bubbles and sweets just waiting to be unboxed, uncorked, unwrapped, and enjoyed.

Give the thoughtful gift of a sweet experience for the newlyweds - we’re positive yours will be the only gift that comes with crowbars!


A note on the vintage

Moët & Chandon Rosé NV Champagne 12% 0.75l

This iconic celebration Champagne is a zesty rosé with notes of wild strawberry. Every sip is a gift itself, evoking thoughts of picnics and young love.

Wedding gift box. 



Expiry date: January 2022

Please note: Some of the expiry dates on our boxes may appear to be approaching rapidly, but bear in mind that our gorgeous gourmet goodies are largely made without additives or preservatives, and are best enjoyed soon! Each Rare-Box expiry date reflects the product closest to its peak deliciousness.